Firefox Spark

social game & data viz campaign for a new mobile browser

Firefox Spark was a campaign to help promote Mozilla’s new mobile Firefox browser for Android phones. Targeted directly at Mozilla’s community of super-fans, it rewarded early adopters of the browser for spreading the word through a social media sharing game.

fig. 2

Each player received a Spark: a stylized flame that grew bigger and more complex as they shared the browser and progressed through the game.

fig. 3

Concept animation approximates how the fully-evolved Spark came to life when viewed using Firefox mobile for Android.

fig. 4

A desktop-friendly, one-page dashboard site allowed all users to participate (not just Android owners) and for everyone to share progress and stats via social media.

A huge part of the fun was the celebration of the Mozilla community. A colorful interactive global data visualization of everyone’s combined progress allowed participants to watch the Spark spread throughout the world.

figs. 5–7

The visualization is abstracted so that the message is about the individual connections adding up to a greater whole. The graph updated at regular intervals throughout the life of the campaign. A playable time-lapse animated the progression to the current date and time.

As the Creative Lead, I helped develop the overall concept and then lead the design team through to launch.

fig. 8

The primary audience for the Spark game was 25–40 year old tech-savvy men. I wanted the design to feel tech-y yet still modern and clean, futuristic but still bright and optimistic, masculine but not alienating — and keep with Mozilla’s overall friendly, quirky brand values.

The campaign was active from March to May 2011. Over 32,000 people in 159 countries participated.

“Spark… encouraged sharing the browser with friends across the globe. Together we helped the flame of the mobile Web glow bright.”


“The savvy campaign encourages mobile users to play… Throw in a little game mechanics and Mozilla is really getting the spark passed around.”

The Next Web

“It’s time to light up this infoviz-driven mobile game, Spark.”

Creativity Online


  • Web-based social game.
  • Cross-platform mobile site & complementary desktop site.
  • Dynamic data visualization.

my role

Creative Lead

at the Barbarian Group


Spring 2011