Bloomberg Philanthropies

responsive website for a large charitable foundation

Bloomberg Philanthropies is NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s charitable foundation. Their mission is to create catalytic change across five areas of focus: arts and culture, education, the environment, government innovation, and public health.

figs. 2–7

Bold, full-bleed background imagery introduces each program area. The program page functions as a connected ecosystem with fast animated transitions: navigate down for an overview of program initiatives or left and right to explore other areas.

This launch of this website marked the first time Bloomberg Philanthropies had a dedicated public-facing site. Our concept was that the design would be as bold and unique as Bloomberg’s approach to philanthropy.

fig. 8

Each initiative is represented by a long-scroll page designed to step the reader through the problem, the solution, the progress made to-date, and ways to get involved.

These pages streamline the complexity of each initiative’s story into a scannable, digestible format for the web while providing resources for users to dig deeper.

fig. 9

Each program area is signified by a different color — providing a visual link between similar initiatives. The system is used throughout the site, while the Bloomberg Philanthropies purple appears as the main accent color on every page.

fig. 10

The site was designed to be device agnostic and fully responsive.

I lead the design team from the initial pitch through the design process, initial rounds of art direction and early development phase.

fig. 11

The bright color scheme was the backbone of the overall visual system — which included a key color for each program area. Type, texture and full-bleed background photography were layered together to create a bold impact.

“The new Bloomberg Philanthropies website… will allow us to better communicate the work we and our partners do to help people around the world live better, longer lives,”

NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg


  • Large-scale, content-heavy dynamic website.
  • Full-scale responsive design.
  • Built on Refinery CMS.

my role

Creative Lead

at the Barbarian Group (and as a freelance contractor after May 2012)


Spring 2013


Bloomberg Philanthropies